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BEBPA Bioassay Conference

Start Date: 27/09/2017

End Date: 28/09/2017


Venue: Radisson Blu Resort, St. George’s Bay, St. Julians, Malta

Our R&D Scientist, Lisa Blackwood will be co-presenting with Alexander Baumann from DiscoverX at 10.30am on 28th September on Single Donor KILR® CD16 Effector Cells to Drive Robust and Reproducible ADCC and T-Cell Redirection.

View the presentation abstract here:

Class I therapeutic antibodies achieve their clinical efficacy not only by binding to their target antigen, but also through Fc domain-mediated recruitment of immune cell effectors to attack and kill the target cell. Therefore, developers of therapeutic antibodies must assess all possible mechanisms of action (MOA) of their molecules, including antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC). Success of ADCC assays is highly dependent on the quality of effectors used. However, primary human cells (such as PBMCs or NK cells) suffer from inter-individual variability, while NK cell lines overexpressing CD16 often show high background lysis in susceptible cell models and functional variability under different culture conditions.

Here, we introduce the KILR CD16 Effector Cells, primary cytotoxic T lymphocytes from a single donor stably expressing CD16. These uniformly manufactured primary human cells maintain their T cell phenotype (TCRab+, CD3+ and CD8+), and have the added ability to drive ADCC through the overexpression of CD16. The single-donor KILR CD16 Effector cells demonstrate consistent ability to drive ADCC and T-cell redirection (TCR) over time by eliminating donor variability.  In addition, multiple batches of manufactured cells demonstrate consistent CD16 expression and killing capacity further reducing long-term variability. These cells are optimized as frozen ready-to-use cells, and generate robust assay windows, with excellent repeatability and precision, enabling their use for lot release and characterization studies. Data will be presented comparing the performance of these KILR CD16 Effector Cells and primary PBMCs, for applications such as ADCC and TCR.

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