Improved Product Quality of Biosimilars in the Cellca CHO Expression Platform

15th December 2017

Category: Biosimilars

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By: Cornelia Lindner - Team Leader, Dr Christoph Zehe - Lead Scientist, Johannes Wirth - Scientist, Marina Putanko - Scientist,

Due to the high number of patent expirations for first generation biopharmaceuticals, the production of biosimilars is a fast growing market. Biosimilars require finger-print like similarity to their originator drug with respect to product quality.  One important aspect of product quality is a comparable glycosylation pattern, as glycosylation influences serum clearance, immunogenicity, as well as More

Promoter Evaluation in the Cellca CHO DG44 Expression System

4th December 2017

Category: Cell Line Development

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By: Ann-Catherin Leroux - Scientist, Dr Christoph Zehe - Lead Scientist,

One key component of the powerful Cellca Expression Platform is the expression vector. We have carefully selected its genetic elements to allow: freedom to operate high level expression of monomeric and dimeric products (e.g. IgG-type antibodies, Fc-Fusion, bispecifics) enhanced, stable expression by optimized S/MAR elements increased secretion by optimized signal peptide As a next step More

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