Physicochemical and Structural Analyses

Characterizing the inherent structural heterogeneity is an essential requirement of the development of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody. High and low molecular weight species, charge variants and post translational modifications can all affect in vivo stability, loss of biological activity and unwanted immune effects. We have expanded our analytical characterization services to include protein structure analysis and physicochemical analysis.

Our team of experienced chemists can provide the support and advice required to ensure that these risks are managed by ensuring protein structure analysis and physicochemical analysis is performed at appropriate stages of the development of a therapeutic antibody. We offer a comprehensive range of methods to characterize and confirm protein structure, carbohydrate profile, post-translational modifications and impurities utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the ICH Q6B scientific guidelines are met resulting in an efficient streamlined development process.

We provide solutions to characterize the following physicochemical properties and structural attributes:

Physicochemical PropertiesStructural Characterization and Confirmation
Molecular Weight (Intact Mass) and Size (Size exclusion Chromatography)Carbohydrate Structure (Released N-glycan Analysis)
Liquid Chromatographic Pattern (SEC, IEX, Reversed-Phase)Amino Acid Sequence
Isoform Pattern (Ion Exchange Chromatography)Amino Acid Composition
Extinction CoefficientTerminal Amino Acid Sequence
Electrophoretic PatternPeptide Mapping
Spectroscopic ProfilesSulfhydryl groups and Disulphide bridges

Biosimilar protein characterization

At the heart of the biosimilar development process, lies an understanding of the link between antibody structure and function. BioOutsource offers the capabilities to understand the structural complexities of your biosimilar mAb and how this influences protein-protein interactions and consequently drives the ensuing biological activity.

This side by side analysis can be conducted to provide a comprehensive characterization data package to aid data-driven decisions at critical stages of biosimilar development.

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