Neutralising Antiserum

BioOutsource can design, prepare and manage a regime to produce a fully qualified custom neutralising antisera for our Clients if required. BioOutsource does have some stocks of qualified neutralising sera available for immediate use.

During screening of vaccines or vectors for certain infectious viruses such as herpesviruses, replication competent adenoviruses, influenza viruses and vaccinia viruses, it may be necessary to neutralise the vector or vaccine virus before testing using a suitable antisera raised against a well characterized virus seed of the same type as the test material. The antisera must be raised against a virus seed preparation that has been produced independently from the material under test, usually a different source of virus is used. The reasoning behing this is to reduce the probability of raising a neutralising sera against any adventitious agent present in the seed under test that would mask its detection during testing.

Neutralizing anitsera are produced in goats, sheep or rabbits by repeated inoculation of a well characterised virus preparation. In some cases it may be possible to use monoclonal antibodies. The antisera produced are then qualified for use in the testing regime be it in vitro or in vivo including measurement of its virus neutralising ability and toxicity in the test system. Interference of detection of adventitious agents is also establised using a suitable control positive control. The preparation and qualification of such sera is a time consuming and expensive exercise, these reagents are a valuable resource.

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