Actemra IL-6R Binding Assays

BioOutsource has extensive experience of the design, optimization, qualification and implementation of novel binding assays suitable for the assessment of a range of monoclonal antibody therapeutics.  This provides a strong basis for the development of innovative solutions to the quantification, assessment and comparison of Actemra/RoActemra (tocilizumab) binding to both the target and to components of the immune system.

Actemra IL-6R Binding ELISA

BioOutsource has developed an Actemra IL-6R binding assay to support process development, characterization and comparability studies.  Using a traditional ELISA platform, the relative binding of the Actemra or biosimilar tocilizumab molecule to IL-6R is reported compared to a designated reference lot, along with comprehensive parallelism assessments.