Cellca CHO Expression Platform

The Cellca CHO Expression Platform is a versatile, robust and scalable cell line and fed-batch process development platform. It is designed to reduce cost of goods, development risks and ultimately reduce development time. The unique platform consistently delivers robust, stable, high-yielding CHO cell lines and production processes for large and small biotech/pharma companies.

Cellca CHO Expression Platform

Platform Features:

DHFR selection system and freedom to operate for all vector elements make the vector suitable for both monomeric and dimeric products.

Well characterized CHO DG44 suspension parental cell line with full cell line history. The cell line has been metabolically optimized through adaptation into chemically defined, serum-free cell culture media.

100 % chemically defined, optimized and free of animal components, proteins, and peptones. Sartorius Stedim Cellca is creator and owner of the media composition.

Simple, robust, scalable, fed-batch process for every bioreactor size and type.

Your Benefits:

  • Speed

From DNA to high-titre RCB in 4 months. Save up to 3 months by omitting the need for scalability studies.

  • Track record

More than 40 successfully completed projects using the Cellca CHO Expression Platform.

  • Performance

95 % of our developed cell lines deliver protein titres  exceeding 3 g/L in a 12-14 day standard fed-batch process.

  • Scalability

Processes can be easily transferred and scaled-up to a range of bioreactors up to 1000L.

  • Customer focus

Committed project teams and dedicated client manager’s make it their purpose to deliver service excellence and meet our clients requirements.

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