CHO Media System

Selection of the appropriate cell culture medium for the cultivation of your cell line or the production of your protein of interest is one of the most crucial steps in bioprocessing. It will determine whether a protein production process is robust and whether it achieves high product yields.

Our expert scientists at Cellca have developed a system comprised of 4 individual cell culture media – a stock culture medium, a production medium, and two high-concentrate feed supplements – that are optimized for different development stages and process steps. The media are designed to meet the specific cell metabolism requirements of cell clones derived from the CHO host cell line, thus supporting high cell densities, high product yields with the desired protein quality attributes, and reducing the metabolic waste formation during fed-batch production. This provides our customers with a robust and scalable process, minimizing the need for subsequent media and process optimization studies.

Cellca’s CHO Media System fulfils the latest regulatory requirements: all media are chemically defined and do not contain animal components, proteins, or peptones. The media are specifically designed for large scale applications.

To ensure supply chain independence of the cell culture media for our customers, we have implemented the cGMP powder production process for our media powders with two well-established media manufacturers. Independent of the manufacturer, the supplied media powders fulfil identical quality requirements and can be equivalently applied in a cGMP production process.

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