Host Cell Line

For almost 30 years, Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells have been extensively used for the production of recombinant proteins and can be considered the workhorse of modern glycoprotein production.

Not only can these cells express recombinant proteins with post-translational modifications compatible to humans, they do so by secreting the protein of interest into their environment and grow in serum-free suspension culture which makes them ideal for large scale high-titre cultures in the industry.

CHO cells lacking DHFR are the most widely used CHO cells for the industrial production of biopharmaceuticals. Cellca’s host cell line is of this origin and licensed directly from its establisher, Dr. Lawrence Chasin.

The obtained CHO DG44 cell line has been subsequently adapted to serum-free, chemically defined cell culture media and suspension growth at Cellca, which has resulted in a host cell line that is metabolically optimized for stable growth over longer periods of time to meet the large scale requirements for protein expression and genetic stability. A fully characterized cell bank of the host cell line has been prepared with full cell line history.

Presented in the figure below is the stable growth and viability profiles of Cellca’s CHO DG44 host cell line – starting point of all our client’s projects. Host cell lineSpeak to our cell line development experts today to discuss your upcoming projects.

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