Flow Cytometry (iQue Screener PLUS)

Biological Assays Using the IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS Flow Cytometer

With our iQue Screener PLUS flow cytometer we offer flow cytometry based assays for biosimilar characterization, biosimilar comparability, and bioanalytical testing.

Flow cytometry is an incredibly powerful bioanalysis approach that enables the design of complex multiplexed biological assays. In simple terms, flow cytometry involves tagging cells with antibodies and/or chemical dyes and running these tagged cells through a flow cytometer instrument. The instrument gives a readout for each antibody and/or chemical tag per cell. The result is a biological assay that can contain multiple readouts at an individual cell level. While flow cytometry is a powerful technique, typically the instruments are not geared towards high throughput plate format bioanalytical testing.

The IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS (Figure 1) achieves faster assay throughput than traditional flow cytometers by sampling only microliters from each well and delivering an air-gap-delimited flow of samples to the detectors. The iQue Screener PLUS converts the traditional low throughput, time-consuming flow cytometry approach into a high throughput process. The end result is a data-rich snapshot of the molecular events occurring in each well that can take less than five minutes for a 96-well plate. As the iQue Screener PLUS can sample as little as 1 µL from each well, assay volumes can be miniaturized, saving reagent costs and conserving limited samples. The iQue Screener PLUS includes user defined shaking, rinsing and cleaning to enable optimization of assay design for difficult cell types and biology.

Flow Cytometry iQue Screener PLUS

Figure 1: The IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS

The high throughput nature and plate based approach of the iQue Screener PLUS enables existing bioanalytical assay and biosimilar testing formats to be converted onto a flow cytometry format as well as the development of new complex assays. A range of bioanalytical assays and biosimilar analysis methods, including live cell based binding assays and ADCC assay formats, are currently available, all of which will benefit from less of your molecule being required for testing and more samples being tested per run.  In addition, we offer an assay development service using this Sartorius group technology and are in a unique position to work with our colleagues at IntelliCyt to get your assay up and running faster.

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