Cell Based Binding Assays

Binding targets may be soluble mediators or expressed on the surface of cells. For antigens that are difficult to express in a soluble fashion, cell-based binding assays allow measurement of the binding interaction to the native antigen. And because binding assays are a key component of molecule characterization, particularly for antibody-based therapies, BioOutsource has developed a variety of methodologies to assess cell-based binding using different technologies, including:

A Range of Cell-Based Assay Development Support

Partner with our expert scientific team who will apply our platform binding methods to develop an assay to assess binding to your target of choice using either technology. We can also support assays on the MSD that can be validated to GMP for use in lot release. And our range of assays utilizes a variety of cell lines to assess binding to common targets such as CD20, HER2, tmTNFa, as well as methods to assess cell associated Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF).

Contact our expert scientists today to discover how our range of product characterization services can support your unique process.

BioOutsource Cell Based Binding Assay Development Services

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