C1q Binding Assays

The complement system is a mechanism that antibodies use to clear pathogens and cancerous cells from the body. It is a collection of small proteins present in the blood that typically circulate as inactive precursors. C1q binding assays highlight activation of the C1-complex (composed of a single C1q molecule with 2 molecules of C1r and C1s) that occurs when C1q binds multiple immunoglobulin (IgG) molecules complexed with antigen.

Overcoming Antibody Drug Development Challenges with Analytics

BioOutsource offers add-on C1q binding assays to support mAb and Fc fusion protein manufacture, process development, characterization and similarity studies. Our scientists partner with you to apply C1q binding assay methods that have been qualified with commercially available therapeutic mAbs to demonstrate performance and can verify or qualify them specifically for your product. The offer includes:

  • C1q binding assays utilizing SPR (Our team has successfully generated a sensitive Biacore assay for C1q that can detect differences in glycosylation)
  • A C1q binding ELISA platform for extensive testing and qualification of mAbs

Either method can be used to demonstrate binding or lack of binding for all isotypes of therapeutic mAb.

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BioOutsource C1q Binding Assays

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