SPR Custom Assays

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a rapidly advancing methodology for binding assays, providing label-free, data rich output in real time. The data this approach provides is an invaluable component of molecule characterization and is especially important for antibody-based therapies.

Custom Assays for Your Custom Monoclonal Antibody

BioOutsource specializes in optimizing SPR assays with the most up-to-date Biacore technology and can easily utilize novel formats and reagents to develop binding assays for all stages of your drug development process from screening to lot release. Our team of experts complement the right technology with a drive to help customers succeed, partnering with you to deliver time-sensitive and cost-effective data on:

  • The strength of the interaction to determine the affinity of the molecule for binding partners
  • The rate of the interaction to define the kinetics of association and dissociation
  • The amount of active material via quantitative measurements of the levels of molecule able to bind
  • The specificity of the molecule by identifying secondary binding partners and assessment of cross-reactivity

BioOutsource Custom SPR Assays

We feature one of the largest Biacore facilities in the industry in Glasgow, UK and a complementary facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US to ensure that your team has access to the scalable, global SPR assay capacity your process needs. These facilities all feature full cGMP capabilities, and our expert team is able to provide unique insights into SPR validation best practice to take your critical binding assay through phase appropriate qualification and validation.

Contact our expert scientists today to discuss how our range of analytical services can improve your unique process.

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