ADCC Assays

ADCC is part of the adaptive immune system defense mechanism to remove infected or cancerous cells. Some mAb products are designed to mediate their activity through the induction of cell death via ADCC mechanisms as their primary mode of action. For the majority of other IgG1 antibodies, the potential to mediate ADCC activity as secondary or tertiary mechanisms of action must be assessed.

Increasingly, mAb products are being designed to remove or limit the ADCC activity of the molecule making determination of the presence of ADCC activity and subsequent quantification of ADCC activity a critical step in the development and characterization of therapeutic antibodies.

Customizable Biological Assay Solutions

BioOutsource has taken the time to address the well-known variability issues of ADCC assays to provide robust and routinely performed ADCC platform methodologies using plate based or iQue Screener PLUS formats.

Depending upon your requirements, our ADCC assays can be performed using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from a variety of genotyped donors that are specifically harvested on the day of assay. Our ADCC assay portfolio also includes surrogate ADCC assays that utilize engineered cell lines stably expressing the FcγRIIIa receptor to negate donor-specific variability and provide viable solutions for validation of these complex assays. Our qualified ADCC assays for common targets can be tailored to your needs with a range of effector populations including:

  • Total PBMCs
  • Lymphoid Enriched PBMC
  • Natural Killer (NK) Cells
  • Promega ADCC Reporter Cells
  • KILR CD16 cells

A range of Fc Receptor binding assays and our in-depth glycan analysis is also available to complement the functional ADCC assays in the characterization of your product.

Contact our expert scientists today to discuss how our range of analytical services can improve your unique process.

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