ADCP Assays

Antibody-Dependent Cellular Phagocytosis (ADCP) is an immune mechanism through which antibody-bound target cells expressing tumor or pathogen-derived antigens on their surface activate FcγRs (predominately FcγRIIa) on the surface of monocytes and macrophages to induce phagocytosis, resulting in the internalization and degradation of the target cell through acidification of the phagosome.

Robust & Customizable Assay Solutions for a Neglected MOA

ADCP is an important MOA for many mAb therapeutics. At BioOutsource, our ADCP assay offerings include a reporter bioassay using a Jurkat cell line stably expressing human FcγRIIa-H to provide a robust measure of FcγRIIa binding and activation. We complement our strong expertise in the area with the right technologies for success.

Our iQue Screener PLUS method measures phagocytosis mediated via FcγRI, IIa, and IIIa activation using PBMCs with the potential to multiplex data. Simultaneous ADCC readouts can be further customized to collect information on other cell populations and cytokines to fully investigate your antibodies functional response.

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BioOutsource ADCP Assay Development

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