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Read our article on the advances in biosimilar development. Read the full magazine here. *This article is taken from European Biopharmaceutical Review October 2016, pages 12-17. © Samedan Ltd  

Are biosimilars coming of age?

Our Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Brian Wendelburg recently wrote an article for Laboratory news discussing how successful biosimilar mAbs have been and the challenges that remain. To read the full article, click here.

Assessing Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

Our Director of R&D and Technical Services, Dr. Catriona Thomson recently spoke to ‘Pharmaceutical Technology’ about the challenges of developing and validating an ADCC methodology, including the difference between the classical ADCC assay and the reporter bioassay. To read the full article please click here.

As Easy as ADCC

BioOutsource Lab Image

Extensive regulatory requirements for analytical characterisation are now needed to prove comparability between innovator and biosimilar drugs. As a result, many developers are turning to ADCC assays which can help to unpick the issues of similarity, as well as guide the design process to create molecules to target specific activity. Download our article to find out more about the importance More

Development of a Biosimilar

Associate Director of Technical Services, Catriona Thomson, writes about the development of a biosimilar.

Where is the money in Biosimilars?

Chief Scientific Officer, Daniel Galbraith reviews the Biosimilars market and models for reducing costs in article for Drug Discovery News. Read the article here.

GEN Exclusives – Animal Testing: Hard choices loom as Biosimilars boom

The approaching biosimilars tidal wave puts the question of animal testing for biologics further under scrutiny. Read our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Daniel Galbraith’s article in GEN Exclusives. Follow this link to read the full article. For more detail on this issue, read our team’s position paper: Adventitious agent testing using in vivo protocols: A BioOutsource Position More

Biosimilars Awaken CROs

CSO, Dr Daniel Galbraith’s article on how biosimilars have prompted CROs to be more flexible and for developers to seek focused, niche testing partners.

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