PsiOxus select BioOutsource to support clinical sample analysis for OCTAVE ovarian cancer study

GLASGOW, Scotland. – 19 June, 2014 – BioOutsource Ltd. (“BioOutsource”), a leading international Contract Testing Organisation (CTO) today announced their partnership with PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd. to support clinical sample analysis of their Phase I/II OCTAVE (Ovarian Cancer) study.

PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd., an Oxford, based biotechnology company, has been awarded a £1.7 million grant towards a Phase I/II clinical trial to assess the use of Enadenotucirev (previously known as ColoAd1) in the treatment of platinum-resistant, recurrent ovarian cancer. The funding is from the UK government-backed Biomedical Catalyst, a programme run jointly by the Technology Strategy Board and the Medical Research Council. The OCTAVE (Ovarian Cancer Treated with Adeno VaccineEnadenotucirev) study will be the second clinical trial of the oncolytic vaccine Enadenotucirev, a highly potent, broad-spectrum, anticancer therapeutic capable of destroying tumour cells at very low concentrations.

The OCTAVE Phase I/II study will assess the safety and efficacy of Enadenotucirev when given to patients by intra-peritoneal perfusion at multiple UK cancer centres beginning in June 2014.  The Principal Investigator of the OCTAVE study will be Professor Iain McNeish from the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow. Clinical sample analysis will take place at BioOutsource Ltd, Glasgow, based in the West of Scotland Science Park.

BioOutsource CEO Gerry Mackay commented “BioOutsource are delighted to collaborate with such an innovative biotechnology company as Psioxus Therapeutics and we look forward to continuing to provide ongoing analytical support to assess the efficacy of Enadenotucirev in clinical trials”

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