Scientist’s Review of BEBPA 2018

2nd November 2018

Category: Bioanalytical

By: Ben Tyrrell - Scientist, Laura McAleer, Technical Services Scientist,

At the end of September 2018 Sartorius Stedim BioOutsource attended the 11th Annual EUR BEBPA Bioassay conference in Budapest, Hungry. The conference ran over three days with the first day containing workshops and day 2-3 having talks and poster presentations. The aim of this conference was to provide discussions on topics of current interest to the analytical biopharmaceutical community. Approximately 25% of delegates were from contract research organizations (CRO) and 50% from global pharmaceutical companies, a mix that provided stimulating discussions around biological assays, contract testing and bioanalytical services.

Two scientists from our technical development department attended BEBPA participating in the workshops and talks as well as presenting two posters, the first titled:

“Development of a Platform ADCC and ADCP Flow Cytometry Methodology for Monoclonal Antibodies”

Download the poster here. 

This poster highlights how IntelliCyt’s iQue Screener PLUS, a high throughput flow cytometer, can be utilized as a platform method to multiplex ADCC and ADCP assays as shown in figure 1. A second poster was presented in collboration with DicoverX utilizing their KILR cell system.

BioOutsource Review of Attending BEBPA - ADCC Poster

Figure 1: Multiplexed read out of ADCC and ADCP is possible from individual sample wells using IntelliCyt’s iQue Screener PLUS


Here is what our scientist’s thought of the conference:

The workshop on day 1 of the conference provided a relaxed and informal atmosphere that stimulated discussions around a number of topics including what are the key steps within biological assays that introduce variability. It was also reassuring to see many other organizations moving towards, or taking advantage of, single-use frozen cells in their bioanalytical. We are  also taking advantage of this format for a number of biological assays in development within our technical development department

– Ben Tyrrell, Scientist, Technical Development, who specializes in flow cytometry-based assays.

BEBPA is a brilliant conference to attend, the fact that it is run by scientists for scientists really makes a difference. The workshops are not to be missed! They provide an excellent platform to discuss issues from technical issues to regulatory issues, and gain insight into areas where clients may start to ask questions and require more data in the future.  The presentations on day 2 and 3 provide a wide variety of topics and advances in the industry. There was a variety of complete stories, new techniques and stumbling blocks along the way. There were also presentations that took us through what didn’t work! As with the requirement for negative packages for our molecules, negative development of assays tells a story that can add a lot of value.

Having sections focusing on Biostatistics is also great! The talks are presented by biostatisticians for bioassay scientists which makes them very accessible and actually really interesting and engaging.  BEBPA really does encourage open discussion and it is great to see the areas we are doing well so even ahead of the game but also we aren’t alone in some of our troublesome areas.

– Laura McAleer, Senior Scientist, Technical Development. Laura specializes in ELISA and cell-based bioassays.

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